But, what about you?

Just stop what you are doing to yourself! I bet you are wondering what the hell I am talking about right? This is what I am talking about. Stop forgetting about yourself. Stop putting yourself last and put yourself first. Yeah yeah I get it, you want to help everybody else. And that's cool, that's [...]

It’s time to move on! 

Alright I think just about everyone has gone through some type of hurt at some point in their life. I get it!  But my advice, move on! I know easier said than done but it has to be done. You lose sight of your future when you continuously live in the past, and relive what [...]

Father’s day! A day for father’s!

 Father's are an extremely valuable asset in every child's life. It's Father's Day, it's not single mom day, it's not deadbeat dad bashing day. IT'S FATHER'S DAY! Alright I'm sure that you, just like me have father's, brother's, uncles, cousins, grandfather's, friends etc, basically a host of male figures in your life who are father's. Not [...]