Stay encouraged not discouraged! 

This is one of those feelings where it is so much easier said than done. It is so easy to get discouarged and give up because it seems like you are getting nowhere, you are lost and confused, you dont know what to do next. Being discouraged will keep you from your goal, being discouraged [...]

Just me, Ms. Draya

I smile often! So get use to seeing me this way! 😀😀😀😘 Who am I? I am a women on a mission to help make the world a better place one idea at a time. With so much hate going on in the world, somebody has to change the narrative. So hey I will take [...]

Just laugh!

People ask me all the time how do I get through my day, how do I this, how do I that. Do you wanna know the honest answer? I laugh! I laugh all damn day! I laugh about any and everything! I love a laugh so good that my insides start to hurt, and tears [...]


Stop stop stop just stop caring so much about the negative that people have to say and think about you. While you are worried about what they are thinking, you are missing out on opportunities, and doors are closing on you.  Do not put your attention, your time, you goals, your dreams into the hands [...]

Just Believe!

You just have to believe in yourself! Believing in yourself is half the battle. If you can believe in yourself absolutely anything is possible. When you believe in yourself so strong you are destined for greatness, those around you will believe in you. There are people out there that watch your every move. Why? Because [...]

Who am I?

This is always one of those great questions that you find yourself confused when you are the one being asked, Who are you? Or "Tell me about yourself?" You know who you are but you just can't seem to find the words to express it outside of your mind.  Who am I? I am me! I am Andre'a! I [...]