Proud big sister!

Family and friends I need your help in congratulating my baby sister on one of many big accomplishments in her life time... *Insert happy tears here😥* ...  For 4 years I have had the pleasure of watching her smile, laugh, enjoy school, hate school, work hard, work harder because on many occasions she picked up, [...]

You never know who is watching!

Honestly sometimes I say to myself, "But no one is even following me, no one is reading my post, no one is watching my videos. No one supports. No one believes in me. No one is watching.Why am I wasting my time?" Yes, I say this to myself. But I never give up! I've walked [...]

Why I do this!

When I write, not only do I write to encourage and motivate you. I write to remind myself as well. It is so easy to give someone else advice, but so hard to listen to it ourselves. It took me many years to be able to get where I am today. It does not come [...]

Quiet just because I am! 

Sometimes, I am just tired! I am ok!   I am not quiet because I am Angry! I am not quiet because I am sad! I am not quiet because something happened! I am not quiet for any reason other than I am just quiet! Or maybe because I am simply tired! Or maybe because I [...]