Do they really care?

Not everybody really cares "How you are," or "what you are up to." Some people just want to be nosey and/or see if you are doing better than them. When they do, just kindly let them know, "Im good!" Don't give to much, don't give to little information. Give them just enough. If they are [...]

Gotta have, Tunnel vision! 

Tunnel vision? What is it?  When your vision is so clear, lose sight of everything but whatever your vision, your goal, YOUR DREAM is! People are going to tell you to do this and do that. Or don't do this or dont do that. They will try to tell you what you can and can't [...]

Have the best day ever! 

Woke up this morning and said to myself,  "Today is a nice ass day. Sun is shining, birds chirping, light wind blowing through my hair. There is money to be made, people to help, goals to work on and dreams that need to come true." I am in charge of my day! And I choose [...]