Sacrifice is necessary! 

Law of sacrifice: To attain something of greater value, one must be willing to give up something of lesser value. You have to want it so bad that you are willing to give up some things for something that will be of great value to you. Sometimes people won't understand your sacrifice. They will get [...]

Father’s day! A day for father’s!

 Father's are an extremely valuable asset in every child's life. It's Father's Day, it's not single mom day, it's not deadbeat dad bashing day. IT'S FATHER'S DAY! Alright I'm sure that you, just like me have father's, brother's, uncles, cousins, grandfather's, friends etc, basically a host of male figures in your life who are father's. Not [...]

It’s that time of year again! 

Ask a teacher a question and she will get back to you. Ask a teacher how many days until summer break. I bet you they know that answer instantly.  It's that time of year when teachers start cleaning and shutting down their classrooms preparing for that well deserved summer break.  I wonder how many people [...]

Sit down, be humble! 

Nothing in life is permanent. You are not exempt from losing everything. Remain humble! Being humble is one of the best qualities someone can have. To be humble you understand that you are no better than anyone else regardless of your status. You understand that at any moment everything you have can be taken away [...]