Being broke sucks!

I see people making money doing what they want to do while I am doing things that I don't want to do barely getting by. Something is seriously wrong with this. Not because I see people doing what they want, I am very, happy for them. But something is wrong with it because I am [...]

But, what about you?

Just stop what you are doing to yourself! I bet you are wondering what the hell I am talking about right? This is what I am talking about. Stop forgetting about yourself. Stop putting yourself last and put yourself first. Yeah yeah I get it, you want to help everybody else. And that's cool, that's [...]

Judgment free zone!

I am not here to judge anyone so in here, be respectful but BE YOURSELF! Why are we in a society where everyone is so quick to judge? Alright here in my world. I am who I am! You are who you are! As long as you're respectful and conscious of the differences between us, [...]