Maybe it wasnt meant to be…

“Life is funny… We never know what’s in store for us and time brings on what is meant to be.”

Maybe it wasn’t meant to be for me! Stop that! Stop!

What if it was meant to be, but you keep telling yourself that it wasn’t? Who told you that it wasn’t meant to be? Did you tell yourself that? If you told yourself that, stop it.

Maybe sometimes realistically something wasn’t meant to be. But have you ever thought that maybe it wasn’t meant to be at a specific time and/or place but it was meant to be somewhere else at another time? Hmmm, think about that for a minute.

Let me guess, for example, you applied for a job, interviewed for it and gave it your all, but you didn’t get the job. Then you tell yourself that it wasn’t meant to be. What if I told you that maybe it was meant to be but that interviewer had no clue what they were doing and they made the wrong choice by not choosing you?

That is possible you know? Trust me they aren’t always right. There have been many times that I applied for a job and they chose someone else over me. If I’m being honest sometimes I think I was better than that other person.  Just my opinion and me creating some confidence in myself.

But seriously, we tell ourselves that maybe something wasn’t meant for us when we don’t get what we want. Stop that! Stop telling yourself what wasn’t for you and acknowledge what is for you. Use that as ammo and tell yourself ok maybe it didn’t work here but now I’m going to go over here and I’m going to get this job, get accepted into this school, and I’m going to start this business etc.

Do you realize that you are responsible for yourself? Do you realize that as long as you keep accepting that something wasn’t meant to be for you, that it will never be?

I get it, it is so easy to say what isn’t meant to be because I say it all the time when I don’t get my way. But at some point we have to put our foot down and say Forget that if this doesn’t work, something else will. The time and place of things matter. What is meant for you, is for you.

Most of the time we are highly capable, other people just don’t see the potential in us and that is their loss. We have to move on and go after what we want. If it is one thing that I know for a fact, well two things. It is that time waits for no one and life goes on with or without you.

What do you choose to do with what, “Wasn’t meant to be”? Do you stop trying or do you get back up and go at it again and again and again, because I promise you this, something is meant to be. So stop doubting yourself and be the boss that you are. If anybody says other wise tell them to see me, JustmeMsDraya lol.

“When a path opens up before us that leads we know not where, don’t be afraid to follow it. Our lives are meant to be mysterious journeys unfolding one step at a time. Often we follow a path worn smooth by the many and in doing so we lose our authenticity, our individuality, our own unique expression. Do not be afraid to lose your way. Out of chaos, clarity will eventually rise. Out of not knowing, something new and unknown will ultimately come. Do not order things to swiftly. Wait and the miracle will appear.”

As I always say, these are simply the perspectives and thoughts that are on my mind. I will never expect for you to agree with me nor will I judge you for your opinion. Lets participate in grown adult, open minded, positive, motivating, encouraging, powerful, knowledge and wisdom filled conversation. Leave a comment or a question and lets talk. I have no time for negativity, drama,  and BS. Please leave that for someone who has time to entertain it. Thank you! I look forward to talking with you!

Author: MsDraya

All I want to do is be myself and speak my mind. Follow and keep up with me on my journey in this interesting thing called life. Smile! Be happy! Dream! Do!

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