Quarantine 2020: Please stay home!

Whoa so it’s been awhile since I’ve been here and I actually missed it. This is my place to speak my mind and talk to anyone who will listen. I’ve been gone for so long and so much has happened in my life. Since the entire world is shut down I figure I will let this time be my re-entry into the blog world.

So, originally I had another blog that I had all nicely typed up and wanted to share but for whatever reason it’s lost, it’s gone and I cant find it. It’s like it grew legs and walked away. I wanted to be upset and get angry but what is the point? So here I am starting over. I’ll try to keep it short and simple.

So the country, correction the world is shut down and I have nothing but time on my hands. As I type this up preparing to share it with the world, with tears in my eyes, I am begging and pleading for everyone to PLEASE STAY HOME. As the quarantine, stay at home orders get longer, I log into my social media sites and turn the news on I am scared. These numbers are literally growing daily. I have to limit how much I watch the news and log into social media because it is consuming me and causing me more anxiety.

I keep hearing people say things like oh its not so bad or claiming that it isn’t serious or there is some type of conspiracy to name a few. Whatever it is, wherever it came from, whoever started it, this is very real and people are losing their lives or fighting to stay alive. Can you imagine what people are dealing with while sitting alone in their hospital rooms because they aren’t allowed visitors? I am scared to go to the hospital or a doctors appointment for a simple follow up routine. Imagine sitting in your hospital room or on a ventilator and all you can do is phone home to your loved ones who are scared and worried out of their minds. Or even having to quarantine yourself away from the people who live in the same house as you because you are a risk. People please take this serious and STAY HOME!

As an essential worker still getting up early every morning leaving my children and risking bringing something home to them, I am exhausted and overwhelmed. I have stayed away from my family and loved ones because I am still at risk and the last thing I want to do is be the reason that someone gets infected. People PLEASE STAY HOME!

My faith in God and prayer has truly been the reason that I am able to get through all that I deal with day in and day out. As much as I want to get outside and do things because the weather is getting nice and warm, I am doing all that I can to FLATTEN THE CURVE. I go to work, get food for my house if necessary then I am home. I am human so I will sit outside on MY porch and get some fresh air, but I am home.

I know that these are scary and difficult times of uncertainty, but through it all we must try to make lemonade out of lemons that we are served. We must check on our loved ones, keep pushing and perservere. I suggest that while we sit home maybe we can give a little more effort and work a little harder on those dreams, goals and visions that we have been putting off because we “didn’t have time,” or because we are tired. Start that business you have been writing down ideas for. Open up that book you bought months ago that is collecting dust? How about starting a hobby? What is your excuse now?

My point is look at the world around us. What do you have to lose by believing in yourself? What do you have to lose by acheiving those goals that you have written down? Just imagine what life would be like if your dream, your vision for whatever you want became your reality? Like Nike says, “Just do it.”

Listen I am guilty of sometimes not doing that thing that I have been thinking about because of the same examples that I gave above. But if it is one thing that life and everthing going on around me is showing me, it is this right here. Life is extremely short, and we have to live it to our fullest potential. We only have one chance at this things called life, because once we are gone we are gone. Stop caring about what others might think if you do that thing that you want to do. Stop thinking about the consequences of trying. The only guaranteed way to fail is by simply not trying.

Before I go, think about your family and friends, their health and safety. Wash your hands, cover your cough, wear a mask and STAY HOME!

How are you all doing? What are your thoughts? What are you all doing while we are quarantined? How are you all adapting to this new norm? How long do you think this will last? Do you think things will get back to the way it use to be once this is over?

As I always say, this is simply my perspective and the thoughts that are on my mind. I never expect for you to agree with me nor will I judge you for your opinion. I do not participate in negativity, drama and bashing another person. I welcome and enjoy conversation so please leave a comment and lets talk.

Author: MsDraya

All I want to do is be myself and speak my mind. Follow and keep up with me on my journey in this interesting thing called life. Smile! Be happy! Dream! Do!

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