Go M.I.A to maintain and recharge your peace of mind!

Missing. In. Action.

I know sometimes it seems like I am around but then there are times that you may wonder where I have been because I literally go M.I.A. The simple answer to that is sometimes I do go M.I.A because I need to. Yes I am guilty of going M.I.A. Honestly I don’t feel bad. I suggest that more people go M.I.A more often.

“I get tired! I get exhausted! I get overwhelmed. But most importantly, I am human.”

Never forget that we are human. It is normal to just have “One of those days!” Getting away from everyone and everything is necessary sometimes for my state of mind, my sanity, my calm, my peace. Turn off the phone, social media, stay home, get away etc. Refresh yourself so you can be your best self.

I get tired of dealing with the bullshit going on around me. I am so tired of drama and negativity going on. Im tired of the way things are going around the world. Honestly, sometimes I get tired of my own shit and need to get away from my normal routine.

Am I wrong for feeling this way? Are you wrong for feeling this way? Absolutely not. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that we are responsible for ourselves so it is up to us to determine when we need to walk away and sit down.

Piece of advice:

Go M.I.A and don’t feel bad for doing so. You don’t have to explain it to those who already get it. Those who get it understand how important it is to maintain your sanity and peace of mind. Don’t do it out of spite. Do it because it is necessary. Do it because you have shit to do. Do it because your mental health depends on it. Do it because YOU depend on it.

As I always say. These are just my thoughts because, I am… Just me, MsDraya!

Author: MsDraya

All I want to do is be myself and speak my mind. Follow and keep up with me on my journey in this interesting thing called life. Smile! Be happy! Dream! Do!

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