That point comes when you just have to step out on faith.

How many times do we say we are going to do this or that? How many times do we give up on our dreams out of fear? How many times do we let the thoughts of others stop us? How often do we settle in life? I could go on and on about the things that we do and don’t do in regards to our goals and dreams.

But, the answer to all of it is, ALL THE TIME!

I am so tired of having a dream and letting it play in my head all day everyday, but I do not act on it. Honestly, I am one who let fear and the unknown stop me. I don’t know where or when to start. I let others opinion stop me etc.

All of that is about to change. I am about to make a huge decision, take a major leap of faith that could either make me or break me and it for damn sure will not break me. I won’t let it. I might fall, shit I probably will fall, but watch my ass get right back up each time, go harder and get better.

I could be doing the wrong thing, but I could also be doing the right thing. How will I know unless I just do it? The only way to know is to just do it.

I just can not give anymore of my time and energy to things that do not create growth in my life. I’ve put years into things that I have done and basically, I have nothing to show for it. I’m done! And when I say I am done, I mean it.

No I’m not looking for a reason to complain or have something to say. I just know my worth. I know that I am worth more than a dead end job or anything or anyone else who uses you for everything and gives you nothing.

Have you ever been somewhere or in a situation for so damn long because you have become comfortable and scared to move on? Then one day something clicks and you think to yourself, “Damn, what the fuck am I doing. I have nothing to show for this at all.” Yup, me too!

It was at that moment that I stopped caring and I said to myself, “What the fuck am I doing? I am done! Its time to put in work and claim what is mine.”

Now I know you’re wondering what triggered this feeling in me well, for one, I am done working so hard for a place that would replace you as fast as you drop dead. For two I’m tired of being used by people. Three I need to get to what makes me happy, I need to follow my heart and make my dreams come to life.

I am just tired! I am tired of settling, tired of being scared to follow my dreams, tired of being broke, tired of being unhappy. Im just tired, tired, tired. It’s time I do me.

All I have to do is get out of my comfort zone, let go of fear and just do it.

Am I doing the right thing? You’re damn right I am! What do I have to lose? Nothing! I have nothing to lose by simply believing in myself, stepping out on faith and doing me.

So this is where I ask that if you support me, please support me, help me, be here, be genuine. I need you!

It’s a shame that when you are trying to do something positive that there are people you have to address due to negativity, but here it goes.

I won’t address negativity with negativity but I will say this,

“At this point in my life no one can break me. No one has broken me more than I have broken myself. I have been up but I have also been down. I have hit rock bottom. So no ones negative thoughts or opinion will affect me, especially when I know I am doing right, I am trying. Positivity breeds positivity. I won’t give negativity my attention when there is so much positivity around me. If you support me thank you I appreciate you. If you don’t support me, I appreciate you as well, you make me work harder.”

Stepping out on faith and doing me. The least I can do is try! If I should fall, I will always get back up and try one more time!

As I always say, this is just my thought, my perspective because… I am just me, MsDraya!

Author: MsDraya

All I want to do is be myself and speak my mind. Follow and keep up with me on my journey in this interesting thing called life. Smile! Be happy! Dream! Do!

6 thoughts

  1. I am SO with you on this! For many years I have been teaching and it had become more and more difficult for me to get up and go to work every morning. I’ve always wanted to write and so one day, I just woke up and said I’m just going to do it! I was tired of dreading work and taking orders from someone else. Now I write full time and I love it so much. There are worries sometimes but waking up without that worrisome knot in my stomach is so worth it! Good luck on your new venture!!

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    1. I feel the same way! Wow you taught? That is what I do now so I relate to you 100%. No one enjoys going to work but some can tolerate it. When you start to dread going that is when it is time to move on and follow your heart. Were you scared to make that change?

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      1. Yep! I used to love teaching (I taught preschool) and I loved those little faces every morning. But management was insane at every place I worked at and I just got so tired of feeling like “the help.” There was never any kind of “thank you” but there were always extra demands. I was tired of the constant changes that were only in favor of management and it was like, is anyone thinking of the kids?!

        Yes I was absolutely terrified but I just knew my heart wasn’t in it and it wasn’t fair to those kids. I was staying up all night writing and then exhausted at work. But now that I’ve done it, I feel SO free. I am so much happier and I’m a better wife and mother because of it.

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      2. Omg! I feel like you live inside of me. This is literally my exact situation and my exact feeling. I am a preschool teacher as well. My heart is just not there everyday. It’s selfish of me to be there when I know I’m not giving my all. And it is selfish to myself because I know my heart is pushing me elsewhere. I’ve decided that I have to move on and do what makes me happy!

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