They don’t want to see you win. Win anyway!

Do you know what I’ve noticed? I’ve noticed that a stranger will support you before people that know you. This confuses me and often makes me wonder why. My guess is because people who know you come from the same place you were and they are still in that very same place. They don’t want to see you do better than them. Sad but facts.

So they say when you have a plan, start a business, want better for yourself and a number of other things you will notice a few things happen.

  1. Late nights and early mornings.
  2. You will be misunderstood.
  3. You will feel very overwhelmed.
  4. You will feel alone.
  5. And the one that stands out the most to me, You will lose friends and they won’t support you.

You would think, that at the moment you want better for yourself you would have the support of the people that know you. Nope it’s actually the opposite. You lose friends. I don’t know the real reason as to why that happens, but it happens. Many say its because they don’t want to see you win. They don’t want to see you do better than them.

You would think that they would want to help you build and grow. They say when you have a squad of people around you, “Everyone eats.” Well if this is true, why do people neglect you when you are trying to win? When you want to do better? They would rather see you starve and fail.

See if you are anything like me, you just want to see everyone around you win. You want everyone around you to do better.

I guess some people, especially those who know you in real life know your real potential. They know that once you put your mind to something you are guaranteed to win. People are so use to you being broke, not having anything, not winning that they don’t want to see you win. They don’t know how to except you being better than you were. They don’t know you as anyone other than the person you were that lacked confidence in following you heart. They know you as a loser not a winner

I see people everyday give up on their dreams because the people around them don’t support them. My advice, don’t do that. Don’t give up because your “Friends” don’t support you. That is when you walk away with your goals, dreams, and those who do support you, and you win. You win! Even if that means you have to do it alone! Sometimes standing alone is tbe very thing that you need to do to put things into perspective.

“Everybody won’t believe in you or support you and that is ok. What is NOT ok, is not following your dreams, not believing in yourself, not making YOU happy because of someone else.” -Andre’a MsDraya Daniels 8/23/17

You better get off your ass and regardless of what the naysayers have to say… WIN! WIN! WIN! WIN! WIN!

As I always say, these are just my thoughts because I am… Just me, MsDraya!

Author: MsDraya

All I want to do is be myself and speak my mind. Follow and keep up with me on my journey in this interesting thing called life. Smile! Be happy! Dream! Do!

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  1. I absolutely love this! This is so true. Strangers you run into are full of motivational words and laced with encouragement. Then the people you know just kind of in the background being naysayers and wondering why you are trying to do better. I always say thank you to those kinds of people because I didn’t need them in my life anyway! Great post!

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