Being broke sucks!

I see people making money doing what they want to do while I am doing things that I don’t want to do barely getting by. Something is seriously wrong with this. Not because I see people doing what they want, I am very, happy for them. But something is wrong with it because I am not doing what I want/should be doing.

“Being broke sucks!”

Ugh, have you ever been so broke that your broke is broke? You make just enough to barely pay your bills. To the point that you are so broke that you say fuck it and start spending money because your broke anyway so it won’t matter, only now you are even more broke and that is when you start re-evaluating your self and wonder what the fuck you have been doing with all of this time that has passed.

Now before anyone judges me, let us not forget that we all go through a temporary struggle. People tend to judge others forgetting that their life is not perfect. Making just enough to pay bills is not the way or where I want to be. At some point you have been in that, “broke” predicament or at any moment everything can be taken away from all of us. So remain humble!

See i’m not ashamed to say I go through the my struggle because my struggle has made me who I am and my struggle strengthens me. A lot of the successful greats have been broke before their success. It was their “struggle,” their “broke” that got them to where they are today.

No,I don’t need to or want to pretend to make anyone believe that I have my shit together, because I don’t.

But do you want to know something? This is temporary. My mind is made up and I am damn tired of working so hard to be broke.

Being broke sucks!

As I sit here and type this up my tv is on but I am barely watching it to the point that it became background noise. The moment I decided to listen the discussion was about having “Hope.” Now we know what hope is. Hope is a feeling, an expectation, a desire to make or want something to happen.

Now many times in our lives we say that we hope a lot of different things. We hope to find true love or have more money. The list goes on. I too am guilty of having hope and constantly hoping for things to happen or change.

I have come to realize that with hope you have to have faith. Faith in yourself, faith that things will get better. Once you have faith in yourself, anything is possible.

You can hope for whatever you want. But if you don’t have faith, you will be stuck only hoping that you get out off of your current circumstances.

So no, I am not ashamed to say I’ve struggled, I currently struggle. It’s possible that I will struggle in the future but I will not claim that. I am not ashamed to say that some days I am broke and other days I am broker than broke, lol.

Some days I will feel discouraged but I will stay positive and have faith that things will get better. That my drive, determination and ambition will get me to where I “Hope” to be.

I sit up many nights wondering why my circumstances are the way they are. I have looked for people to blame simply to take the blame from myself. But when I sit back and realize, I realize that the only person I can blame is myself. It is up to me to get me out of my current circumstances and into where I want to be.

I am tired of struggling and being broke. And when I say “struggle” and “broke,” It is not limited to money. I struggle mentally, emotionally, spiritually etc.

“I just want to get to the point of complete happiness.”

Set goals, have a vision and make your dreams come true. Once your mind is made up and you realize that change needs to happen that is when you will create change. Let your HOPE be the reason you fulfill your destiny and make your dreams come true.

Being broke is not for me! Nope, it’s just not for me!

I’m done being ashamed to say I struggle because this is the reality for a lot of people. The struggle is the step right before success.

Caring what people think will not change my circumstances so why should I care what they say. I have to do for me and those that depend on me because when I struggle they struggle.

“Caring what people think will not change my circumstances.”

Being broke keeps me humble. Being broke is the reason I push forward even when I want to give up.

So yes I struggle but not for long. Watch how I turn my struggle into my super power. Broke is just not for me! Working hard to be broke is simply not for me!

I don’t work this hard to be broke!

Remember this: everyone will not stay around when you are broke, when you struggle. That is when most people will show you their true intent and either stay or walk away. People who remain when you have nothing and help you get through deserve to be in your life. There is no space for anyone who chooses to walk away at the sight of any struggle. Struggle is a process that should be understood. Getting out of your struggle should be the goal.

Being rich is not my goal, being happy and stable is mine. For me, success is simply doing what makes me happy.

As I always say these are just my thought, my perspective because… I am, just me MsDraya!

The good ol days of not paying bills lol

Author: MsDraya

All I want to do is be myself and speak my mind. Follow and keep up with me on my journey in this interesting thing called life. Smile! Be happy! Dream! Do!

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