PSA: People do what they want for who they want to do it for.

Do people date anymore? Yes!

Do people care? Yes!

Do people have values and morals anymore? Yes!

Are people faithful anymore? Yes!

Do people think anymore? Yes!

Do people yadda yadda yadda (insert whatever you want)? YES THEY DO!

Some will say no to all of it but they do!

Nowadays people talk about what people don’t do anymore. They go to social media posing the question, “Do people … (Fill in the blank) anymore?

Trust me they do it. They do it for the people they WANT to do it for. They do it, if they want to. People expect things from people they don’t deserve it from. Well, I have a solution. Stop expecting things and situations from people who don’t want to give it to you. Get to know more people who want whatever it is you are looking for.

Yes it is true some people dont want the above but some do.

“People do what they want, for who they want.”

Instead of generalizing everyone into one group talking about what “nobody” does anymore, focus on the ones who do.

It’s so funny because I always see this on my social media. Nobody does this anymore, nobody does that anymore. Then everyone in the comments agree. And I’m like yes they do, well some do. They do it for who they want.

Remember this, everybody is not for everybody. They may not do it for you but they do it for someone. Just like someone will do it for you but no one else. I doubt you want to do somethings for some people. But im sure you will do that same thing for others.

So before we generalize everyone lets reflect on ourselves and evaluate the people who we are seeking attention from. You may not get it from them but you will get it from someone. When you say everyone, everyone includes you. Other people say the same things you say.

The reason people say nobody does anything anymore is because they are looking for it from people who don’t want to give it to them. Or people with the same perspective as them. They all sit together and bash everyone else and what they are doing not realizing that they are the problem. You become the people you hang around. So if you sit around a bunch of people saying nobody does this or that anymore that is what you believe.

Just like women say, “There are no good guys,” or guys say, “Women don’t know what they want.” There are good guys, and women do know what they want. Guys are “good” for a women they want to be good for and women know what they want they just wont settle for anything less than what they deserve.

Trust me people do all of these things that people claim “No one” does anymore. They just do it for the right person key word person not everyone. We don’t have time to waste and not everyone deserves what they are seeking from people.

If more people went for the right people we would have less failures and more successes.


This is just my perspective because I am… Just me, MsDraya!

Author: MsDraya

All I want to do is be myself and speak my mind. Follow and keep up with me on my journey in this interesting thing called life. Smile! Be happy! Dream! Do!

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