Judgment free zone!

I am not here to judge anyone so in here, be respectful but BE YOURSELF!

Why are we in a society where everyone is so quick to judge?

Alright here in my world. I am who I am! You are who you are! As long as you’re respectful and conscious of the differences between us, we are all good over here. If it is one thing that I am tired of. It is the fact that in this new society, this new generation you have to sugar coat everything just to keep people happy. People are so quick to judge others.

Here is my problem with that. Sometimes just sometimes people need the truth. But sadly they can’t handle the truth. And do you know why? They can’t handle it because somehow society has brainwashed them enough to believe that they have to be what society wants them to be, believe what society wants them to believe. When really they need to learn how to hear the truth when it needs to be said. They need to learn how to except and be their true selves.

“To many people are worried about being judged or judging others instead of being themselves.”

See, not me, I do my own thing. If I agree, I agree. If a disagree, I disagree. When you think about it the reason why society and the people in it are so, excuse my language, “fucked up” is because nobody wants to be themselves anymore. Or they are too scared of what people are going to say. Enough is enough! I am not here to judge.

I am so sick of this Fucked up and twisted way of thinking. I will no longer sit back quietly and watch people destroy their true selves while living for someone else. Living as someone else. Do what the fuck you want to do. Say what the fuck you want to say. Feel the way you want to feel. Do you know why? Because it is your damn life. Not theirs! That’s why! Life is too short to be anything but yourself.

Stop telling people what they can and can not say. I am over it! People just complain to complain, about nothing. My thoughts have nothing to do with you or anyone else. Imagine what life would Be like if we all agreed on the same damn things. If we all looked and did the same things. You would complain that it is boring. And besides, who says that whatever you say or do is the right way? Why am I expected to believe and agree with you before I do My own research?

You are fine just the way you are! Never lower your standards, Never stop being who you are to appease anyone else because they are not stopping who they are for you. People will like you for you!

“Oh and lets not forget that people are going to judge you anyway. So just be yourself, whatever that may be.”

I am not here to judge anyone because, who am I to judge? I am just me, MsDraya! Do as you please, just be respectful and considerate of others. Don’t judge me because I am not here to judge you. Judging others only describes who I am. Oh and I don’t have any time to spend on judging others. I just have my own opinion, perspective, and life to live.

I will also add this piece of information. No one is required to like or agree with any of us but at minimum we all should be given respect when respect is due. Understand that everyone is different so really no one has any room to judge anyone. JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE!

As I always say, these are just my thoughts because I am… Just me, MsDraya!

Author: MsDraya

All I want to do is be myself and speak my mind. Follow and keep up with me on my journey in this interesting thing called life. Smile! Be happy! Dream! Do!

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