I don’t feel like adulting today! Lol… I’m tired! 

Being an adult is pretty fun, no one can ever tell you No! They can, but you don’t have to listen. Lol… But today, I don’t feel like “Adulting.”

Every single day there is an adult somewhere with their family, friends, or by themselves reminiscing about the good ol days when they were kids and all they had to worry about was school, keeping their room cleaned, and being respectful. A few other things but nothing close to the stuff thrown at us as an adult. Then we all had to grow up and do this thing we call “Adulting.” Damn I miss my childhood.

As a child I couldn’t wait to be grown, be an adult and get out of my parents house. At this current adulting moment I just want to be a kid again, move back home, let my parents pay all of my bills, feed me, drive me around and do all of the adulting things I have to do. Yes I’m kidding minus the part about the bills and the job, and having to drive everywhere, they can have those lol. Oh and let’s not forget the cleaning, the laundry, food shopping cooking etc, they can have those also. Lol!

I mean being an adult is cool and all but some days I just dont feel like doing the adult thing. Paying bills is cool, said no one ever. Getting up early to literally shove food down your throat to get the kids to school and be on time to clock in at a job that you don’t want to be at, to make someone else rich and still be broke is cool, said no one ever. Cleaning up after everyone all damn day is cool, said no one ever. Having your one body pulled 100 different directions at the same time is fun, said no one ever. Should I keep going? I think you get it. 

I just wanna lay in bed with a big bowl of ice cream and brownies, can (yes can of soda, pepsi to be exact. It’s so crisp and cold in the can). Please dont explain to me how bad soda is for you, this is not the time. Tell me at a time that I feel like doing this adult thing lol. I just want everything that I know is not good for me and does nothing to help me get rid if this pudgy belly thing I have going on. Oh and the remote in my hand so I can flip through every channel until I find something good to watch or I fall asleep. Which ever happens first. Lol. Wishful thinking, I know! Lol

Can I vacation every single day? Maybe my goals, my dreams can land me working on an island every day where adulting is cool! I can sip on margaritas and wine coolers. And every now and then dip my feet in the water. Then that way I will never dread going to work. Every day will be cool being an adult. -MsDraya

I just don’t feel like adulting today. I mean its cool sometimes. Just not today or any other day that I have to do adult things (well the adult things that I don’t feel like doing) lol. Who made the decision that we have to adult and get a job and do adult things. Some days I just wanna be a kid again. Is it possible? I really took being a kid for granted because I miss it so much.

Alright well back to this thing we call being a damn adult with my wanna be grown ass lol. Why wasn’t I warned? Oh that’s right, I was warned, my ass couldn’t wait to be an adult. Lol

*Disclaimer: It’s a struggle sometimes but I think I am doing an okay job at this adult thing. Stay positive and you get positive results. Get rid of negativity. But it’s also ok to have fun and laugh at yourself.*

*As I always say… These are just my thoughts! Because I am… Just me, MsDraya!

MsDraya! 😘

Author: MsDraya

All I want to do is be myself and speak my mind. Follow and keep up with me on my journey in this interesting thing called life. Smile! Be happy! Dream! Do!

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