Proud big sister!

Family and friends I need your help in congratulating my baby sister on one of many big accomplishments in her life time… *Insert happy tears here😥* … 

For 4 years I have had the pleasure of watching her smile, laugh, enjoy school, hate school, work hard, work harder because on many occasions she picked up, put her books down and came running when her family and friends needed her. Then went right back and picked those books up! I also had to watch her cry, scream, mental break downs, fall, get back up and start all over again. As her big sister, all I wanted to do was make it easier for her. But she fought and continues to fight because she is not done yet. 

The one thing that stands out the most is the fact that as hard as it was, not once did she ever give up. She cried a whole lot, stressed a whole lot but she NEVER GAVE UP! She kept me up at those times when I should’ve been the one holding her. It was her going to school that pushed me to go back. They say the younger siblings look up to the older siblings. But I most definitely am proud to say I look up to her (well we look eye to eye, we tried for extra inches but it didn’t work… but you get it lol). I am beyond proud of my baby sister. The youngest but the strongest! She is destined for nothing but greatness. I pray that she is blessed with everything that she deserves and more.  

Anyone who knows me, knows that right now as I type this I have tears rolling down my face😥. Happy tears of course because I am a happy, extremely proud big sister! Insert whatever word that is bigger than proud right here *  *… 

Insert more tears here😥😥😥

Toot, I know these past 4 years have been trying and hard, but you made it! YOU MADE IT! The sky is not the limit, you are your only limit. You can do whatever you want. Always know this, I have your back. Always did, always will. We’ve smiled, we’ve laughed, we’ve argued (Well I always gave into you because you are the baby lol, could never stay mad, I could barely yell at you, all because you were the baby lol). We have been through it all. Yes you know I am crying, you know me lol. I love you for ever and always! Look left, look right there is your family. Look forward, and there is your future. Never, ever look back because you are not going that way. Don’t be scared, don’t ever get comfortable. Never let someone deter you from your goal, your dream. Never let someone tell you, you can’t do something, because YOU CAN!!! They will try, just don’t believe them. Never give up! Take breaks but NEVER GIVE UP! You are the best, the one and ONLY… VICTORIA MONIQUE DANIELS!!!💯🙌… Be fierce in everything you do. Show the world who you are and why you deserve to be here! Let your ambition, your purpose, your dreams push you forward. Always glow and continue to grow! You made it! You’re doing the damn thing! You sacrificed a lot to get where you are. Your entering the big leagues now baby! Although it wasn’t easy, and you still have some work ahead of you. YOU MADE IT! You are the shit! You are my favorite 22 year old with that good ol bachelors degree under her belt! Started fresh out of high school straight to the big leagues! Proud isn’t a big enough word to express how happy and proud I am of you! Take all of those smiles, laughs, positive, good vibe words, put them together and that is how I feel. Never once did I ever doubt you. If nobody else believes in you, you better know, believe, and understand that your sister believes in you.

 I love you so much!❤ 
Congratulations Toot! Your future is solidified!

Love always, your big sister Danielle, “Danny” as you call me!😘😘😘


Author: MsDraya

All I want to do is be myself and speak my mind. Follow and keep up with me on my journey in this interesting thing called life. Smile! Be happy! Dream! Do!

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  1. How about a round of applause… standing ovation (rihanna voice) haha…ditto Danny, very well said… I for Damn sure cant say anything that measures up to your speech… Toot what Danny said is from all of us, it was just sitting on her mind haha😂 Congrats again, and love you!


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