Mind your own business! I do!

There is nothing I love to do more than to mind my own business. If it has nothing to do with me, I have nothing to do with it. I am not looking for it, I am not asking for it, don’t bring it to me, I don’t care. I don’t need to know what is going on, nor do I care if it is not my business to know. No I don’t care what he said or she said.

I might have my own opinion about things which I am asked often. If asked, I will give it. But I’m not looking for anyone else’s business to mind because I have my own. I do not do gossip! I actually hate it! Especially if it has nothing to do with me. People spend so much time worrying about, talking about other people and what they have going on that they forget to realize that they are neglecting themselves.

Yes, I am always the one sitting over in the corner by myself while everyone congregates and gossips about the next person who is not even worried about them. I am that one people call the geek or the nerd because I am by myself with my handy dandy notebook, a pen and my own business. And I am just fine with that. Call me whatever you want, anything but a nosey gossiping gopher. I don’t know it was the first name that came to mind lol. If it’s not a name, it is now, thank me later lol.

Be so focused on your own goals, your own dream that you don’t have time to worry about what the next person is doing. See, the dream, the vision I have in my head won’t allow me to mind anyone elses business or care about anyone elses business. Busy people, successful people are not worried about anyone else. They want to join forces and come together. The greats, the successful people only want to expand themselves and see the people around them grow and do better.

See in life there are options, you either get so damn tired of being broke that you get off of your ass and take what is yours and be successful doing what you want to do. Or let life have its way with you with no Vaseline, no lubrication meaning the shit is going to be hard and hurt like a bitch. You decide! Either mind your own business and be successful or mind everyone elses business and let life have its way.

Me! I will always choose to mind my own damn business. Y’all can be talking about me and I still won’t care. If it is meant for me to know, I will know because it will be said to me not about me to other people. I have to worry about me, mines and my business. So yes, I very kindly say… MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Be positive! Be productive! Get shit done! You get so much more accomplished when you just mind your own business! I do! 

*As I always say… These are just my thoughts! Because I am… Just me, MsDraya!
Xoxoxo… Ms Draya!

Author: MsDraya

All I want to do is be myself and speak my mind. Follow and keep up with me on my journey in this interesting thing called life. Smile! Be happy! Dream! Do!

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