Things happen! Just be prepared! 

*Disclaimer: Before you read, there is some profanity used. Charge it to my head, not my heart. I am human, not a machine! Sometimes we have to ignore how something is being said and listen to the content of the message.*

So initially I had another post all typed up and ready to share with you. I’m not sure exactly what happened but somehow I lost it. Honestly I was very upset, angry actually, because I worked on it for what seemed like forever. I did everything to try and recover it but it was unfortunately gone. 

Just Me MsDraya! Outside gathering my thoughts to figure out my next move! There is something about nature that brings me back to my normal happy self!

So what did I do? After pacing my room, yelling at the computer, screamed every bad profanity word possible ssshhh lol. I walked outside, drank some water, and ate some wings that I had sitting in the fridge, then re-gathered my thoughts. Now here I am writing this.

Remember that in life things will happen. You will work your ass off on something, for whatever reason, only to lose it. And our instinct is to get angry without thinking, just like I did today. I was so mad! So after coming down off of my high of being angry, I said to myself. “Alright, stop complaining, stop whining, get over yourself, and figure out what the hell you are going to do next.” And that is exactly what I did. 

I made a plan for three different things because of the one mistake I made earlier. I used my energy from being mad to figure out my next move. Im going to be honest, I was absolutely pissed. But my come back was better than when I first started. 

So what I am saying is. When things happen and you feel like everything is “Fucked up.” Just remember that your comeback should always be better than when you first started. Excuse my language, but “Shit happens!” Once you are finished being angry, the problem will still be there, so what are you going to do?  Instead of getting angry, staying angry and giving up, ask yourself these questions. “How can I fix this?” “What is my next move?” 

*As I always say… These are just my thoughts! Because I am… Just me, MsDraya!

Xoxo… Ms Draya!😘

Author: MsDraya

All I want to do is be myself and speak my mind. Follow and keep up with me on my journey in this interesting thing called life. Smile! Be happy! Dream! Do!

5 thoughts

  1. It’s rare these days that you meet a young lady (at the Barber Shop) and introduce yourself that you don’t receive the what you want face lol. I have to say it was refreshing to talk to you and now reading some of your work puts a stamp on the person you are. Keep up the good work and be blessed beutiful.

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    1. Hi Daniel! You really just made my day! Thank you for acknowledging me and taking the time to speak with me. I enjoyed meeting you and I hope you stay in touch! Please do! I hope you have a great day handsome!❤


  2. This is a wonderful thing! It’s encouraging to see someone take a fearless, selfless stand in a predominantly selfish world! I stand with you Ms. Draya in this! #wereallycare hats off to you and this movement!

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