Stop stop stop just stop caring so much about the negative that people have to say and think about you. While you are worried about what they are thinking, you are missing out on opportunities, and doors are closing on you. 

Do not put your attention, your time, you goals, your dreams into the hands of someone else. Stop giving them the power to keep you from doing what you are meant to do. Most likely those people do not have goals for themselves and they have nothing going for themselves so they will try to deter you from doing what you need to do. 

Those who are busy living life, enjoying life, making money have no time to be negative towards other people. Just stop it and stop it now. Stop living for others and start living for you! Who cares what they think. Ask them what they have going on. Your action should be based on their response. If they have something going on then exchange info, advice, keep working etc. If they have nothing going on ignore the hell out of them. 

Keep pushing and never give up. Remember this: You are your first priority, you are going one direction and that is forward. Never let someone keep you from your dream! Show the world why you deserve to be here! Do more and Care less about negativity! 

*As I always say… These are just my thoughts! Because I am… Just me, MsDraya!
Xoxo… Ms Draya!😘

Author: MsDraya

All I want to do is be myself and speak my mind. Follow and keep up with me on my journey in this interesting thing called life. Smile! Be happy! Dream! Do!

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